Bergeron’s sells specialty meat products with Bergeron’s proprietary spices, rubs and Cajun flavorings developed through over 15 years of adapting to the tastes of our customers. These products include specialty sausages, such as jalapeño, pepper jack or cream cheese and spinach and artichoke, along with alligator, turducken, chicken and various smoke sausages; smoked chicken wings, boudin balls and other boudin products; stuffed chickens, stuffed chicken breasts, stuffed pork tenderloin, stuffed rib-eye, stuffed brisket, turducken, and other Cajun specialties.

Cajun food has established itself nationally over the past decade though exposure from tourists to New Orleans and the work of prominent Louisiana chefs, such as Paul Prudhomme and Emeril Lagasse. Today people are looking for alternatives to the sameness that dominates the restaurant world with burgers, pizza and sandwich shops. Customers want variety and flavor with quality products.

Bergeron’s meets and exceeds the expectations of today’s diners with our quality meat products with special Cajun spices and flavorings while also capitalizing on the unique appeal of all things Cajun.